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California's 2023 ADU Bills: What You Should Know | HomeKeep Builders

Stay Informed on California's ADU Legislation

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have become increasingly popular in California, and the state has implemented several laws to address the growing demand. In this blog post, HomeKeep Builders, a leading construction company in Orange County, will provide an overview of California's 2023 ADU bills and explain what homeowners need to know.

ADU conversion in Lake Forest
Lake Forest ADU by Homekeep Builders

1. Overview of California's 2023 ADU Bills

1.1 The Purpose of the Bills

The primary goal of California's 2023 ADU bills is to streamline the ADU construction process and make it more accessible for homeowners. These bills aim to increase the availability of affordable housing options and help address the state's housing shortage.

1.2 Key Changes and Provisions

The 2023 ADU bills introduce several changes and provisions that affect homeowners and ADU construction. Some of the key changes include:

  • Reduced permit processing times

  • Relaxed parking requirements

  • Increased maximum ADU sizes

  • Eased restrictions on converting existing structures

2. How the 2023 ADU Bills Affect Homeowners in Orange County

2.1 Easier ADU Construction Process

The 2023 ADU bills simplify the construction process for homeowners in Orange County by streamlining permitting and reducing restrictions. This makes it easier for homeowners to build ADUs on their properties and increase the value of their homes.

2.2 Expanded Housing Opportunities

By making ADU construction more accessible, the 2023 ADU bills help expand housing opportunities for Orange County residents. ADUs can be used as rental units, providing additional income for homeowners or housing for family members.

Stay Informed and Take Advantage of California's ADU Legislation

California's 2023 ADU bills provide a significant opportunity for homeowners in Orange County to build accessory dwelling units on their properties. By staying informed on the latest legislation and understanding how these changes affect you, you can make the most of the ADU construction process. Contact HomeKeep Builders for expert guidance and assistance with your ADU project.

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